kids UP themed session | chloe, canon, & gabey

Raise your hand if you think that "UP" is quite possibly the cutest animated movie ever!😍 Honestly, I'm not much for Disney movies, or love stories, or hundreds of dogs. But even after owning this movie for eight years, and watching it approximately 237 times with my little sister in the recent past, I'm still … Continue reading kids UP themed session | chloe, canon, & gabey


My Life | “don’t forget, ok?”

He would be 44 today… And I'm celebrating. ❀ Because even though he only spent 26 years on this earth, he left quite a legacy in the hearts of those closest to him, and a lasting impression on pretty much everyone he met. Pointing them to his Savior, reminding them of his Redeemer. Five days … Continue reading My Life | “don’t forget, ok?”