My Life | the choice

I still have a few photography sessions to post from 2016, but I’ve had this on my mind for awhile… Then, this morning I saw a powerful video by Living Waters (embedded at the bottom of this page), and my heart cried out. So allow me to pause the photography posts, and share this…

I’ve always loved the story of Esther.
Who doesn’t love reading about a pretty orphaned girl that became a great queen?  And then she was given the opportunity to save her people. Bravely she interceded for herself and for them.
How exciting her life must’ve been, how amazing to be used for God in such a dramatic way.
And yet, because I know the story, it’s easy to forget how easy it would’ve been for her to miss out on that opportunity…


There she was. The Queen. Beautiful, chosen, honored.
And Mordecai presents her with a question.

Will she stand up with her people, let it be known who she is, and boldly entreat for their lives?
Will she risk her life for the sake of a nation?
And then Mordecai says,

“What if this is the very reason you were chosen to be queen?  What if this is what God has been preparing you for all along?”

And Esther decided to go.
She chose to risk her comfortable, pleasant life.
She chose to risk facing the wrath of a powerful man.
All for the lives of her people.
She made the choice. And it was not in vain.


I too have a choice.

All Christians do.
We have been adopted and chosen. Brought into the King’s house and blessed with honor and riches. In many ways, not unlike Esther.
And now, we are presented with a question:

Will we stand upon God’s Word, let it be known who we are, and boldly entreat for the lives of our countrymen?
Will we choose to risk losing our comfortable, safe reputations?
Will we choose to risk facing the wrath of powerful men if they don’t like what we tell them?
Will we leave our safe quarters behind and boldly go out and speak life-saving words of Truth?
All for the lives of our people.
The choice to influence someone’s ETERNITY is in our hands.
What if this is the very reason we as children of God are on this earth?
What if God has been arranging circumstances from the beginning of the world so we can change the fate of a nation?

The choice is ours.
The choice is mine.

How can I settle for a comfortable “nice, pretty girl” reputation while millions of my people are headed for destruction??

In His Spirit, I will choose to stand. I will choose to speak. I will choose to intercede.

How can I choose anything less?


If I perish, I perish.
And by God’s grace, it will not be in vain.

Will you join me?

A beautiful, powerful, must-watch video:


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