Newborn Photo Session | canon truth

It felt like I took these so long ago, that when I started working on updating my blog again, I forgot about these!

But since I had talked about them in one of my other posts, and since he’s my little brother and since he’s really just adorable, I decided to post them anyway -late and all. 😉


Canon Truth joined our family on October 19. We brought him home from the hospital the next day, Chloe’s 2nd birthday, and the same day we came home from the hospital without Hazaiah five years ago. ❤

Noah finally has the little brother he always wanted 🙂


I started his pictures when he was 6 days old, and knowing I could leave my backdrop/setup up for awhile (it’s great living in the same house as the newborn 🙂 ) and knowing how newborns can be, and knowing how 2 year olds can be, I decided to only try for a picture of them together and do his actual newborn pictures another day. 🙂


But, wow, he was a dream. 😍 Chloe jumped, laughed, talked, cried, clacked around in her shoes, and kissed him over and over, and this sweet little pea just slept through it all.


(This picture wouldn’t have been possible without my two helpful sisters just outside the frame 🙂 )


So, of course, I couldn’t resist taking more than I had planned 🙂


Then, throughout the next week, I’d come up with an idea, have a little time, and take a few more. 🙂 (did I mention that it’s great living in the same house as the newborn?! 🙂 )


Some days, he didn’t think it was great living in the same house as a photographer. 😕😘




When it’s almost November and it’s hot, you make the most of it. 😉canon-web-7canon-web-12canon-web-11canon-web-21canon-web-10

canon-web-23I kept wanting to do some with his parents, and finally we got a few really quick on Thanksgiving. 🙂



He wasn’t to thrilled about being kissed from both sides ☺


Then Chloe ran over, and she matched, so she had to be in one. 😍☺canon-web-45


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