Family Photo Session: The Landis Family

What do you do when your latest family picture is outdated, you won’t be all together for the next ten months, you’ve rushed home from church and have gotten everyone all dressed up and loaded up in the van, your photographer has come from an hour away, you have just pulled up to the amazing location, and it starts raining?!?

Like really pouring.

Well, if you’re as fun and adventurous as this family, you go for it anyway.

(After all, the rain is slowing down, right? Like I think it’s gonna stop soon.≪thunder

Maybe. 😛 ≪≪THUNDER≫≫ Well, we’ll be really quick! )

And you go sloshing down dirt roads, running from the “heavy rain,” try to avoid any lightning, and do “just one more really quick” all to the delight of your muddy, wet photographer. ☺


I promise: I didn’t make them do this. 😁😛

But man, did I have fun! 😂





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