Newborn Photo Session: Karsten Shane

Here comes a major blog catch-up… πŸ™‚

Ya, I’ve said that before.

In case you haven’t noticed my blog posts are rather sporadic… I post a number of sessions all at once to catch up, and then I vow to keep a nicely-updated-steady-posted-blog.


Maybe, just maybe, one day I will be a nicely organized, steady-posting photographer.

But lately life hasn’t been steady or nicely organized. ☺

And with my sister’s 2nd birthday next week, my mom’s baby due in two weeks, and my sister’s baby due about nine days after that, I’m thinking words like organized and steady aren’t gonna belong in my vocabulary anytime soon. πŸ™‚ 😍

Anyways, enough rambling. πŸ˜›


Meet this little guy named Karsten.

(I realized how late I am in posting these when his mom sent me his 2-month picture. Like for real, 2 months?!?)

He’s a cute little pumpkin -I can’t get over his lips. Or his hair. Or his cheeks. Or his chin.

Really, he’s just altogether adorable! 😍


karstenshaneweb-14karstenshaneweb-26karstenshaneweb-25Β  karstenshaneweb-32 karstenshaneweb-10 karstenshaneweb-20karstenshaneweb-22 karstenshaneweb-21


By this time, he did not want to sleep, he just had to see what in the world was going on!


Big brother Ray was my little helper, and wanted to create “my own special picture,” as he called it: πŸ™‚

(Ray I had too much fun with you! Thanks for your help and for letting us use your bedroom!)


I love babies in b&w:



Karsten, what a lovely little thing, you are! You fit right in with your lovely family -and they totally adore you!

“Family means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what.”


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