Photo Session: Maria Landis & sisters

Ahhh, we were all set: it was going to be perfect.


Maria & I talked and talked this photo session out- places, props, outfits, angles, lighting, timing, the whole nine yards. We had it planned and set the day -Maria’s 18th Birthday.

landis.girls.2016-35Then life came in and tried to ruin all our plans… But in the end, we were like, “let’s go for it anyways.”


And man, am I glad we did! It was amazing just how perfect it actually turned out -and SOOO much fun!

Maria, thanks for the wonderful session! Your enthusiasm and joyfulness is so inspiring -You’re a real trouper!!

(And so are you two, Dorinda & Josella -not many people would still be smiling squished in the back seat of my car with chairs, violins, clothes, and who-knows-what-else piled on top of them at 8:00 in the evening -and without having dinner yet! 😛 Yep, you girls were pretty great!               {Oh and even after all Maria’s reassurances, I’m still pretty sure we were almost “IN trouble” at the pecan grove! lol :/ 😛 🙂 } )


I’m slightly jealous of the fact that these cool photography locations(and these are only 3 of the many we could’ve gone to right around there -we ran out of time! ) are all within 10 minutes of their house! Yes, TEN minutes!


First off, we went to a pecan orchard.


-Or wait, is it a pecan grove? An orchard would be like fruit trees, right?


Whatever the case, I’ve dreamed of doing pictures in one for a long time. -As in, even before I owned a camera, whenever we would drive by one, I’d stare out the window thinking up the pictures I’d take there one day…

landis.girls.2016-5 landis.girls.2016-4 landis.girls.2016-12

But then, actually being in a grove, with a cute, adventure-ready girl, a violin, and sunlight filtering through the trees, I felt like I couldn’t do it justice with a camera. I mean, really, she was playing the violin! Sorry to be dramatic, but it was absolutely beautiful!

landis.girls.2016-3 landis.girls.2016-11

landis.girls.2016-7landis.girls.2016-57 landis.girls.2016-1 landis.girls.2016-55






And then we were able to get a few quick ones of Maria’s cute sisters 🙂


landis.girls.2016-14 landis.girls.2016-16landis.girls.2016-17


Next, we checked out this place, and almost didn’t stop -because of time. But when we saw this dock, we were like, “Just really quick!”

I’m pretty sure I could’ve stayed there all day. 🙂

landis.girls.2016-62 landis.girls.2016-32 landis.girls.2016-31 landis.girls.2016-36landis.girls.2016-61



landis.girls.2016-27 landis.girls.2016-28landis.girls.2016-29 landis.girls.2016-26 landis.girls.2016-59



They’re kinda fun. 😉


And cute! 🙂

landis.girls.2016-21 landis.girls.2016-19landis.girls.2016-18


The sun was quickly going down, so we piled everything back into the bug, and rushed over to the field by their house. Just in time to get a little bit of sun as it sank behind the trees.

I think some of these turned out to be my favorites.

landis.girls.2016-39 landis.girls.2016-38 landis.girls.2016-74landis.girls.2016-67landis.girls.2016-80landis.girls.2016-72

landis.girls.2016-50landis.girls.2016-75landis.girls.2016-49 landis.girls.2016-46landis.girls.2016-73

landis.girls.2016-37 landis.girls.2016-65 landis.girls.2016-64landis.girls.2016-40 landis.girls.2016-63


landis.girls.2016-43 landis.girls.2016-66

landis.girls.2016-53 landis.girls.2016-71


landis.girls.2016-44 landis.girls.2016-45




Ok, this turned into a very long post! Sorry, I’m very excited about this session, if you can’t tell. 😛

It was quite possible my “favorite-est” session to date 🙂 -Wait, do I say that every time?!

Thanks again, girls! Let’s do it again -if I’ll promise to bring a snack next time?! 😉 🙂 😀


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