Family Photo Session: The Halteman Family (Jared & Thelma)

Ok, so here comes a major blog-catch-up! Starting way back in September of last year… 😛

First up, the Halteman family… So adorable! I had a hard time sorting through these pictures. Big brother Colin makes so many cute faces -I wanted to keep them all!

We started out with family pictures at an old house on a country road…


h-family-2015-web-3-2  h-family-2015-web-2-2h-family-2015-web-16-2




“Um, Mom, I don’t think little brother likes this!” 🙂



Little brother Jackson needed some “Mom time” so we did some of Colin & Dad…

h-family-2015-web-17-2 h-family-2015-web-18-2h-family-2015-web-22-2h-family-2015-web-8-2 h-family-2015-web-41-2


Aww, this face! ❤

h-family-2015-web-37-2 h-family-2015-web-9-2 h-family-2015-web-19-2h-family-2015-web-20-2











Little Jackson had had enough of the wind, but we were wanting some individuals of him, so we decided to go back to their house and try them there… So I walk in and I’m like, for real?! I wouldn’t have been happier if they lived in a photography studio: white walls, white carpet, and big windows like pretty much everywhere! Talk about a perfect plan B! I left there vowing if I ever own a house I’ll paint every wall in it white (I did calm down a little after a few days  :p  )  It was great -we added some individuals of Mom & Dad with baby, some with big brother, and even got another quick one of the whole family 🙂

Don’t they make one cute little family? 🙂



h-family-2015-web-40-2h-family-2015-web-35-2h-family-2015-web-36-2h-family-2015-web-28-2 h-family-2015-web-42-2 h-family-2015-web-34-2h-family-2015-web-30-2 h-family-2015-web-31-2h-family-2015-web-29-2h-family-2015-web-39-2

h-family-2015-web-15-2h-family-2015-web-38-2h-family-2015-web-32-2 h-family-2015-web-33-2


Baby has a nose………………………….. And I do too!





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