Photo Session- Noah(!)

Not long before Noah turned 18, Skye & I decided it was high-time for Noah to have his pictures taken!!  So on the way home on a Sunday evening drive, with a little persuasion, we stopped in downtown and took some pictures with the little bit of light left (and then any light we could find 🙂 )


noah-6-of-6-2 noah-5-of-6-2

noah-10-of-3-2noah-9-of-3-2noah-2-of-4-2noah-1-of-4-2noah-7-of-6-2noah-10-of-6-2noah-9-of-6-2noah-3-of-4-2noah-4-of-4-2noah-9-of-1-4noah-9-of-1-2-2I had a lot of fun!! I mean, how many people would do this in a parking lot for a picture?!? (complete with sound effects 😉 lol )




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