Newborn Photo Session: Chloe Sunshine!

My adorable little sister!

The thing about updating so long after I took the pictures is I can look at these pictures and see what I could’ve done to make them better.

Or wait- maybe that’s the thing about photography. Every time I push the shutter, I learn something to make them better.

Or maybe that’s just the thing about life: “live and learn” or something…

I had this shoot all planned out: 5-7day old, calm, sleepy baby, window light, headbands, bows, wraps, unwrinkled(is that a word?) backdrops…

I read tons of posts on newborn photography -tips, tricks, ideas, etc.


I ended up getting pictures over the course of 16 days and on one set-up she actually stayed asleep for a while!

It wasn’t the shoot I envisioned but I’m happy with these pictures -it reminds me of a quote i saw awhile ago and recently read again:

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” -Epicures

Everyone one of these pictures used to be in my “hoped for” category.

Sometimes when I look at them, I start wishing I would’ve done this or that, changed this camera setting, or moved that a little.

But then I just stop. I stop looking at all the mistakes.

And I’m just thankful

-For this little girl.

-For every picture I have of her, instead of wishing for all the ones I don’t have.

-For this day(or 16 😉 ) to take pictures of her.

-For learning that learning is good 🙂

-For the fact that’s it ok to love a picture and learn from it at the same time.

-Oh, and for learning what I could use to make better pictures right before my birthday! (and for a family who’s observant when it comes to birthday presents 😉 )

Ok, enough rambling; here’s the pictures 🙂

ChloeSunshine (1 of 18)-2.jpg


I read somewhere if all else fails, swaddle. And if the baby is awake, you can take pictures of their feet. The theory behind swaddling was that it reminds them of before they were born being all cuddled up and warm like that.


The theory is probably true, but Chloe loved kicking before she was born 😉 So getting her feet to stay together turned out to be harder than I expected!


But then again, who wants the “normal-swaddled-feet picture” anyways? 😉









“This is NOT my bed!” -I love this face! ❤



I love this face too. ok, I love all her faces 🙂


Some kind of yellow flowers(I have no idea what kind) bloomed in the field behind our house right around the time Chloe was born. So perfect for this little Sunshine!






I think she thought the golden hour was made for eating, not for going outside, all wrapped up, and having a black box in her face 🙂 (she was ok with it for a little while -but ONLY as long as she was sucking on Mama’s finger)


Goodness, she’s grown so fast!

See what I mean?!  v


I’ll put her 3 month pictures on soon 🙂


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